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Wedding Dress

The Next Step: The Wedding Date and The Wedding Dress

Since my first entry, I have made some HUGE STEPS in wedding planning! Almost more than I could handle…. First, Steven and I set a date! May 30th, 2015!!! I always envisioned the pretty outdoor spring wedding, but since making some...
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Going to the Birds with Mike Foley Art

Craig, Stephanie, my daughter, Katie and I recently had the pleasure of attending Meet the Artist night at the Artworks Gallery on Trade Street in Winston-Salem.  We went in support of our client, Mike Foley Art.  And what a treat...
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Stick To It!

It can be so hard to stick to an exercise plan. Trust me, I know! I was a hardcore Zumba fanatic when I first started going. I would be there every time the doors were open. But then school, jobs,...
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Pumpkin Bread Recipe

I can’t believe that we are already into the fall season! It is one of my favorite times of the year (summer by far being my favorite).  There are festivals to enjoy, you can keep your windows open all day...
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Logo Design - Winston Salem Designers - Triad Design

The Importance of a Logo – Winston Salem Design

I’ll say a word or two, and you tell me what comes to mind…. Golden Arches….Swoosh…..Five Colored Circles….McDonalds, Nike and the Olympic Rings. You get the picture, literally. Immediately in your mind you can see the symbol (logo) and recognize...
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And the Winners Are…..Open House 2014 with Forsyth Magazines & New Town Bistro

And the winners are Melissa Johnson – New Town Bistro GC Irma Jackson – Phoenix Grille GC Bonnie Hilton – Five Points GC Elizabeth Durie – Five Points GC John Mack – River Ridge Tap House GC Steven Howard –...
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