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Stephanie’s Easy Chili Recipe

As soon as the weather starts to get cold I start craving soup. There is something comforting about soup in the winter time!  So this past weekend I took a stab at my first pot of chili.  I must say...
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Leaving Africa

Welcome! If you’ve been following along the past couple of months, then you have likely already read my last 3 posts. If not, have a quick read (Life on the Farm, Life Beyond the Farm, Vacations). Life can often be...
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Choosing A Wedding Photographer

Recently, Steven and I chose our wedding photographer. While quality is important, so is your budget, so we wanted to find that happy medium between the two.  I asked friends and family for referrals as the first step in finding…

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Lightwater Video Productions

A few months ago, we were in the market of partnering with a business to help us produce a few professional videos for our website.  After meeting with several local companies, we decided to hire brothers Nate and Phil with Lightwater...
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Pumpkin Roll Recipe – Nu expression

This past weekend we had a social gathering at my church.  I brought this Pumpkin Roll and it was a huge hit. I hope you enjoy it too! Pumpkin Roll Recipe prep time. about 30 mins total   |   cook time. 12-15 min   |...
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Why do you pay for cable?

I have not paid for cable in over 7 years and I do not miss it at all! Life is about budgeting and saving for the things that you really want. One bill that you can easily eliminate is cable…

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