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Window Works Studio Re-Branding: Before & After

Michelle Queen
Recently, we had the privilege to help Window Works Studio update their company branding via a new logo, business cards, and website. While they didn’t necessarily dislike their previous branding, they were looking to modernize and specifically wanted “something new and fresh.”...
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Women’s Wellness & Fitness Before and After

Every day dozens of women are guided, encouraged & getting themselves back into shape at Women’s Wellness & Fitness off of Jonestown Road in Winston-Salem. After meeting with our team, they decided to utilize Nu expression to help whip their website...
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Facebook is Rolling Out New Features

Tori Shanks
If you thought you were excited about the new dislike button, just wait. Facebook is rolling out new features for your user profile, including your profile picture, and it’s been awhile since any changes have been made to them. The...
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National Coffee Day Is September 29, 2015!

I would be lying if I said I didn’t come into work everyday and make a cup of coffee. If fact, I am almost positive at least half our staff has the same routine. Which is why we are all...
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Website Design Specialist Position

We are adding to our team! At Nu, we believe that our team is our strength so we are seeking a creative, hard-working website design specialist to become part of our team and grow with us! Apply today! Job Description. You...
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Facebook's New "Dislike" Button

Facebook’s New Dislike Button

Tori Shanks
Do you know how to appropriately use Facebook’s new Dislike button? That’s right, the dislike button is coming to Facebook. So, after years of begging for it, what are we going to do once it’s available? Many people will get...
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Social Media in the Workplace? Yes or No?

I’ve been pondering this dilemma a great deal lately. So many questions have run through my head! Is it acceptable for an employee to take a quick cruise by Facebook to check what’s happening in their world a few times…

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This Week in Winston Salem

Tori Shanks
We’ve covered the weekends in the past, but there’s so much going on in Winston Salem that we’re letting you know a few weekday events too! Between more farmer’s markets, women’s business conferences, music festivals, and movie screenings there are...
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Play Harder: Nu Foosball Tournament

Everyone in the office has been absolutely swamped with work. Lately, there have been days we leave without even really seeing each other all day. Jan decided it was time to set work aside last Friday and have a foosball tournament and pizza...
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How Could the New iOS 9 Update Affect Your Marketing Strategy?

Tori Shanks
The new iOS 9 update comes with many new features, but one in particular is making waves. This new feature is support for content blocking extensions, which has never been done on an iOS system before. Users will have to...
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Pumpkin Rice Crispy Treats

With the leaves starting to change colors, the air starting to cool off from the summer heat, it’s finally one of my favorite times of the year – FALL! Though I may not be 100% into the pumpkin spice craze...
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Flawless Hardwoods Business Cards

Miranda Miller
It’s always nice to give a fresh look to your promotional materials, especially your business cards. After all, it’s the first piece of printed material someone may receive informing him or her of your business. It’s their first impression about...
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Why is quality written content as important as a professional looking website design?

Tori Shanks
You know that, in the 21st century, if you have a business that sells a product or service, it must be Google-able, right? You also know that you must have a professional website that’s easy for users to navigate? Great!...
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Medical ID For Your iPhone

Recently I was scrolling down Facebook and came across a lifesaving article, literally. The Medical ID app for iPhone’s isn’t something that has to be purchased. It comes on your phone and can help medical personal find out more about you...
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The Winston-Salem Air Show is Coming To Town

Michelle Queen
Are you going to the Winston-Salem Air Show? It is said to be the best affordable family entertainment in the Triad and you can join in the fun this coming weekend: September 19th – 20th at the Smith Reynolds Airport. Gates...
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