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Welcome to What’s Nu!

Apparently, you’re supposed to give PAPER on your first Anniversary – so we thought that was fitting for our company. What’s Nu?  Partnerships. Owners. Location. Team. Clients. The list just keeps going! And we are celebrating today for all of...
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The Fashion Exchange Winston Salem NC

The Fashion Exchange

Tonya Nealon approached Nu expression with a fantastic vision to create a consignment shop experience with a twist for Winston Salem and the surrounding areas.  She needed a company to not only build a website, but begin with the foundation, designing...
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We Finally Did It! Nu Has Moved!

Thank you for sharing along in our journey of successfully moving a business. I hope my intention of being open in our obstacles and frustrations has benefited you in learning from our experience. The last few weeks before the move...
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The Nu Move, Part 3

Two months ago I had planned to be sharing the beautiful photos of the new location we were about to move into…. but what a difference a few weeks can make. Instead, we have framing in for the walls and...
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Wearing many hats as a business owner

Have You Ever Considered Moving Your Business? Part 2

As business owners, we are often reminded of the many hats we wear — accountant, operations manager, designer, producer of goods, team leader, problem solver and janitor just to name a few. But now that our Nu team has begun...
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Nu expression New location 4720 Benton Road Winston Salem NC 27104

Have You Ever Considered Moving Your Business?!

Have you ever thought about moving your business to a new location? It happens frequently, but most people get caught up in the logistics of the move itself, forgetting the most important piece: communicating with your customers! Billy Bennett, owner...
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