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Behind the Scenes at Nu expression Winston Salem

If you’ve ever walked into Nu Expression, you’ve probably noticed the calm feeling you get when you walk through our door. There’s always music playing, and I’m there to greet you with a smile (and usually halfway through munching on...
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6 Easy Steps To Make Your Own Earrings

July 2, 2015
Michelle Queen
First, Gather Your Supplies You will also need: a pair of regular pliers. Headpins v.s Eyepins. Pictured above are headpins. They have a little bump on the end that is meant to stop the beads from coming off. You will want to...
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The Busy Mom’s Guide to Grocery Shopping

It’s time to grocery shop!  Again?? Do I have to?? This whole responsibility of feeding my family is really getting old! That’s why I have created the Busy Mom’s Guide to Grocery Shopping. Fortunately, 2015 is the year I have...
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Creating Your Own Personalized Shadow Box!

June 26, 2015
Miranda Miller
A shadow box is such a great way to cherish anything you love! A special time in your life, a dear friend or relative, a fun event, a new addition to the family, etc. Gathering sentimental items to fill the box with...
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13 Tips to a Kid Friendly Vacation Road Trip

If you’ve ever traveled in the car with your kids for longer than 5 minutes, especially long trips for vacation, you know that it is important to have a plan to have a successful trip! As a family of 8 who...
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Church Website Design Winston Salem

Every client that we work with has different needs. Our team loves the variety of websites that we have the privilege to design.  Sometimes our clients have a very clear and distinct vision for what they want, while others just...
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Design On A Dime: Pallet Makeover

With the arrival of summer, my little family is out on our porch more often than usual. Wether we’re grilling out or just relaxing, we love enjoying the outdoors. I quickly found a few projects on Pinterest I just had...
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3 Good Reasons To Make Your Own Earrings

June 19, 2015
Michelle Queen
1. They Are Relatively Inexpensive This is one of my favorite reasons to make my own earrings because then you can make lots of them and not feel guilty about it! Obviously the price is going to be related to what and where you...
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5 Tips to Build a Better Website

Our web team has been so busy lately that I’ve had to step in to help with not only my usual content writing, but with creating vision for websites as well.  This includes creating site maps, choosing color schemes, placing...
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Planning a Picnic

Since my daughter was graduating from high school, I wanted to create a memorable event for her to share with family and friends. But, I couldn’t break the budget nor did I have space in my home for the number...
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Gardening with the family

It has been almost 2 months since we planted our garden it looks like we’ve got a full fledged vegetable garden now! (read my first post here).   Here are the things that we’ve learned thus far. One of the...
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Beef and Broccoli Stir-Fry

Wasn’t life so good in college, where you could eat a whole pizza for dinner, or even just a bowl of cereal if that’s what YOU wanted?! When I got married we said our vows, but the one promise we...
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A Hiring Process For Your Small Business

June 9, 2015

One of the greatest challenges of a small business owner is hiring employees. Once you’ve determined that your business can financially sustain a new employee, you are faced with the daunting task of the application and interview process. Questions come…

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The Nu family had the pleasure of celebrating another big milestone last weekend. Miranda Miller is now Mrs. Miranda Howard!!   As you can see from the pictures, Miranda was a stunningly beautiful bride and Steven was such a dapper...
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PRINTucation: Business Card Breakdown

Although social media and the web make it possible for new or existing clients to find your business, having something tangible you can hand them can make all the difference. Your business card is often a potential customer’s first impression...
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