Abigail Gleason

Abigail Gleason

“Fabigail” & “Gabbles”

Position: Creative Content & Social Media Specialist

Top 5 Skills: Finding the best breakfast food in town, partial-face selfies, reading no fewer than 8 books at a time, communicating exactly what I’m thinking without saying a word (I’ve been told my facial expressions are VERY loud)…oh, and writing things.

Something about me that might surprise you: I was once offered 12 cows for my hand in marriage.

Abigail's Bio

I’m interested in just about anything that even momentarily catches my attention. I have a knack for researching, brainstorming, and exploring ideas, and I love using information and ideas to connect with people, which makes my social media management and content writing position a natural fit. Like the rest of my team, I’m passionate about loving, serving, and understanding people, so I’m thrilled that my job gives me the opportunity to turn my habits of getting distracted by the nearest shiny object and overthinking literally everything into a skill set I can use to help others thrive. 

My mind goes a mile a minute, so when I’m not flexing my creative skills at Nu, I like staying on the go. I’m not wild about routine, and I get really excited about last-minute travel plans, impromptu road trips, and finding nearby concerts and events to check out. I live downtown, so when I do have some downtime, you’ll find me hanging out close to home in a nearby coffee shop or bar (with a book, obviously). Camino Bakery on 4th Street is essentially my office away from the office, so come say hello sometime!


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