Tariqul Islam

“Ultimate Warrior”

Position: Web Developer/Designer

Top 5 Skills: HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, jQuery

Something about me that might surprise you: My mom complains that my room is messy but she doesn’t know that I organized everything intentionally and it works like obstacles to prevent me from getting into sleep. This is the secret of my high productivity.

Tariqul's Bio

Hi, I am Tariqul. I am a web developer here at NU. I am a passionate programmer and like to work with challenging stuff. My love for programming is unbelievable. It started in 2011 when I became aware of the incredible power of programming and how we can create amazing things just by writing codes. After that, I decided to take it as my profession. 

In my personal life, I am a very simple guy with extraordinary power to solve a problem. I am not only a simple guy but also a single guy because no one was able to get my attention except programming. I consider myself a visionary person. I like to dream a lot but that doesn’t mean I sleep a lot.
LONG TIME AGO PEOPLE WHO SACRIFICE THEIR SLEEP, FAMILY, FOOD, LAUGHTER AND OTHER JOYS OF LIFE WERE CALLED SAINTS BUT NOW THEY ARE CALLED PROGRAMMERS – Ha Ha Ha…. Thankfully this is not the case at NU. Because NU care about everyone. I must say I am lucky being a part of this company.

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