Tyler Ivory


Position: Web Design Specialist

Top 5 Skills: Web Design, Adobe Photoshop, HTML, CSS, Gaming for hours on end

Something about me that might surprise you: I share the same birthday as my father and paternal grandfather.

Tyler's Bio

Hello, I’m Tyler! I am from a small town in Ohio where knowing everyone and their business is common. I received my BS in Digital Media from Ohio University. After graduating I did a complete 180 from the digital world and moved to Valdosta, GA to attend grad school. There I received my Masters of Education in Higher Education at Valdosta State University and promptly after moved to Winston-Salem, NC to work at UNC School of the Arts for 4 years.

Realizing I missed everything about the creative world of digital design, I began working towards becoming a web designer. Though the journey was long, I can happily say that I have found my life’s passion. I am overjoyed by the opportunity to be apart of the Nu team and help our clients fulfill their passions. 
Outside of work I love traveling, trying new things, eating everything and anything, spending way too much time playing video games, and working on various creative projects.

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