Amy Price

Amy Price

“Office Mom”

Position: Culture and Finance Manager

Top 5 Skills: Planning all the parties, well-timed Disney quotes, rationalizing Target purchases, sending snail-mail for all occasions + always able to find something to celebrate!

Something about me that might surprise you: I am fluent in two languages: English + Whale. (ThaaAaAaNk YoOooU foOoor rEeeaDinnnnnnng tHhhhis SenNnntEnccce)

Amy's Bio

As the Culture & Finance Manager at Nu, I get to turn my passion for celebrating and serving people into a full-time job. They say life is all about balance, and I love living that out here at Nu. I support our office wellness initiatives, but I also always have snacks in my office. I’m in charge of our budgets, but I’ll always pay extra for guacamole.

We work hard, and we play hard, which is why I love playing against and cheering for my work pals during our lunch hour Nintendo wars. Another part of my job is to make sure our processes and operations are honest and transparent. So, in the name of transparency, I have a confession: If I’m ever late to work, it’s not because of traffic. It’s because I needed a few more minutes to snuggle with my dog, Avett, or because I stayed up too late playing Mario Kart with my roommate (AKA: my husband). When I’m not at Nu, I’m a homebody. Who needs to leave the house when you have a cute pup and endless access to New Girl reruns? 


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