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50 Blog Topic Ideas to Drive Traffic to Your Website

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50 Blog Topic Ideas to Drive Traffic to Your Website

While struggling to find a topic for my February article, I realized that my struggle might be just the topic that I need to write about! Many businesses use their blogs to generate traffic to their websites which, in turn, results in higher search rankings on Google. Nu expression actually blogs four to five times per week, but coming up with something to write about that frequently is sometimes difficult. So, I did a little research (in my own head and online) to create a compilation of random thoughts to help you generate blog topic ideas to increase traffic to your website.


  1. Interview an author.
  2. Create a list of questions for your team to answer, and share each one weekly.
  3. Share a hobby.
  4. Share your knowledge in a how-to post.
  5. Create a fun info graphic.
  6. Share a personal success (or failure) story.
  7. Love to travel? Share your tips!
  8. Review a book you’ve recently read.
  9. Write your own short story.
  10. Analyze an article you’ve recently read.
  11. Share stories about your family.
  12. Write in depth about a product you offer (but don’t get too caught up in the sale, keep it informational).
  13. Research something you would like to learn more about and share your findings.
  14. Share your favorite recipes.
  15. Share your dreams.
  16. Rant.
  17. Challenge your readers.
  18. Are there questions your customers frequently ask you? Write about them!
  19. Showcase your clients.
  20. Share definitions of common words in your industry.
  21. Write about your pets — everyone loves cute animal photos!
  22. What cause is near and dear to your heart?
  23. What’s happening in your neighborhood?
  24. History of an upcoming holiday
  25. Are you a parent? So many topics can come right from your everyday life.
  26. Practical tips or life hacks
  27. Organization ideas
  28. Random history topics
  29. Coping with stress
  30. Ways to reduce anxiety
  31. Create tutorials.
  32. Case studies
  33. Statistics related to your industry
  34. Downloadable checklists
  35. Share your project progress.
  36. Share your client work or portfolio.
  37. Create a cheat sheet.
  38. Testimonials
  39. How-to videos for your product use
  40. Current trends
  41. Update an old blog post.
  42. Your goals or resolutions
  43. Share about a visit to a local shop or store.
  44. Create a holiday gift guide.
  45. What movies have you seen recently?
  46. What are your favorite family games?
  47. Create a top ten list.
  48. Share your bucket list.
  49. Share your view on a hot news topic.
  50. Create a list — just like I just did!


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Michelle Queen
Michelle Queen

Hi, my name is Michelle. I have been doing website design since 2010 and absolutely LOVE it! Being able to work here at Nu expression is a wonderful blessing, and I like that every day is different. Some days there are things to design, or code to de-bug, and yet other days there are simple administrative tasks to do. I enjoy doing all of it. Most people would never know – but I was born in Zimbabwe Africa and lived there for 12 years before moving here to the United States. I'm married to a wonderful man named Eli and love spending time with him. We serve together at church, take road trips, and love playing games - board or video. I enjoy getting to "do life" with him!

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