1 Year Later:

Carolina Custom Homes’ Inbound Marketing Journey

What can inbound marketing do for your business in just one year? If you ask Carolina Custom Homes, they’d tell you quite a bit!

Carolina Custom Homes of Burlington is a custom home builder based out of Burlington, North Carolina. In July 2017 we teamed up with them to pursue an inbound marketing strategy. One year later, we were pleased to showcase the outcome.

Their goal? More leads. They wanted to reach more people who wanted to build new homes in their area.

Our strategy? The inbound approach. We developed a series of resources that, combined with the right CRM and a great website, would capture lead information and streamline their sales process.

The results? Off the charts. 

Before Inbound:

A Website that Didn’t Do Its Job

Plenty of business owners seem to believe the old mantra: “If you build it they will come.”

Unfortunately when it comes to websites, that couldn’t be further from the truth. In Carolina Custom Homes’ case, their outdated website wasn’t giving them the results they wanted: it wasn’t a website designed to convert visitors into leads.

Here are the major problems we identified:

An Outdated Design

Unclear navigation, a busy homepage, and an early-2000’s layout and style all added up to one thing: a website that was turning away many more people than it converted.

blue bullet points

A Solitary Contact Form

If website visitors wanted to contact Carolina Custom Homes, they had a single contact form they could use. This form submission didn’t provide any lead-qualifying information that would tell a sales member what to expect when they responded.

blue computer monitor with settings wheel

An Unresponsive Design

From 2016-2017, the percentage of mobile vs. desktop users grew from 47% to 63%, and that number continues to grow. A website that isn’t mobile friendly can be a huge detriment to the user experience.

The Inbound Journey

In 2017 Carolina Custom Homes teamed up with Nu expression to begin a new strategy for lead generation following the principles of inbound marketing. The strategy began with a fresh look for their website and continued with the creation of lead-generating resources, more effective contact forms, and nurturing emails.

A new, inbound-approved website

The new website was designed to be more than a pretty face. Improved navigation, targeted forms, and enhanced floor plan search tools made the website a lead-generation machine.

bar graph with orange pencil

Bringing back the blog

Together we developed a new, consistent blogging schedule that covered topics which answered customers’ questions and concerns about home building.

Customer resources that convert

Ebooks and other educational resources were used to capture lead information via a CRM (customer relationship management) tool.

bar graph with orange playbook
orange clip board

What did we write about?

Our eBooks and other resources were aimed at answering the questions most of their customers already had about building a home: things like buying land, finding the right floor plan, and how to budget for a new home. The more resources they checked out, the more qualified the lead!

The real appeal of ebooks and other content is that it’s evergreen: whether it’s been days, months, or even years, your content will continue to work for you. Over time, these resources will build on one another to generate better, more qualified leads for your business.

1 Year In:

What’s Nu at Carolina Custom Homes?
Let’s start with the stats:

blue silouhettes

201 Leads Generated

in July 2018 vs 19 in July 2017 – a 957% increase!

blue playbook

25% Increase

in sales and a new sales team member!

blue megaphone

909 Total

lead submissions through eBooks alone!

We’ve seen incredible growth for Carolina Custom Homes in just their first year with an inbound strategy. The creation of educational eBooks combined with other resources has led to a steady stream of leads for their business.


Remember the project whiteboard we mentioned earlier? This year, the board has an average of 35 customers at a time–more than double from 2017!


Who would have thought this could be a problem? With so many leads being generated each month, the sales team at Carolina Custom Homes is working with the team at Nu expression to produce better quality leads to help streamline the sales process even more.

Looking Ahead:

Next Steps in Inbound

Like many things in life, inbound marketing is all about the journey, not the destination. Our next steps include implementing new strategies and practices aimed at developing a website steered by growth-driven design.


Zip-Code Checker

Allows site visitors to make sure they’re in the right area to do business.

Mortgage Calculator

Helps potential customers take a sneak peek at their budget and capabilities


Sales Team Rotation

Who’s next in line to take new leads? Our CRM tool automatically sorts and distributes contact information.

Online Booking

No more back-and-forth to schedule appointments! Users can pick and reserve a time on the calendar.

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