About the Client: Imperial Point is a national brand focused on the design and production of sublimated sports uniforms for a variety of sports, including basketball, football, and volleyball. They work with youth and professional teams all across the United States.

Pain Points: Unfortunately, the lack of transparency from the company meant Imperial Point was not aware of exactly what was being done, and no results were delivered.


Too Many Websites

Before working with Nu, Imperial Point had separate websites for basketball, football, volleyball, wrestling, and baseball uniforms. This presented two challenges:

  1. The websites competed against one another for spots on the search engine results pages.
  2. The company’s marketing budget was spread thin in an attempt to cover each sport individually.


We combined Imperial Point’s sports uniforms on one website, rather than distilling their message between 5 smaller websites.

Imperial Point needed an easy-to-navigate website where newcomers could learn about their sublimated sports uniforms, while others further in the buyer’s journey could get a quick quote for their team uniforms.


• Streamlined design which makes it easier for the user to navigate.

• Mega menu on the main navigation to highlight products and increase conversions.

• Addition of a blog to attract additional traffic to the website.


increase in traffic to new website year over year


Increasing Leads

At the start of 2017, Imperial Point gathered an average of 105 leads per quarter from online sources. Their goal was to increase this total to 300 leads per quarter so they could expand and hire additional sales staff.


To increase incoming leads, we focused on building brand awareness and maximizing Imperial Point’s reach on digital platforms.

Our lead generation strategy began with driving more website traffic, then capturing and nurturing leads using valuable and engaging content that directs users through the buyer’s journey.


Lead increase year over year
(Q1 2018)

Blog posts and targeted landing pages attract traffic to the website and boost SEO rankings based on keyword research. This content positions Imperial Point as an expert in the sports uniform industry.

Gated content such as catalogs and ebooks used to gather contact information and educate the user on topics related to the products. Even if a lead isn’t ready to convert, they become more qualified with each piece of content they consume.

Website retargeting and Pay-Per-Click ads drive additional traffic to the website, build brand recognition, and increase the number of visitors who become leads.

Segmented emails are sent monthly containing promotions, resources, and news relevant to the person’s interests. These are used to nurture leads and keep the brand on their minds.


No Existing Way To Measure ROI

Although marketing efforts were in place, the company had no real tool to accurately determine the ROI (return on investment). This prevented them from effectively evaluating their marketing strategy.


By connecting Imperial Point’s website to HubSpot, a CRM (customer relationship management tool), they’re now able to accurately track and measure lead acquisition based on individual campaigns, traffic sources, and more.

Not only does at CRM allow us to keep track of incoming leads, we’re able to analyze campaigns and reevaluate our efforts in greater detail. We can accurately determine which marketing efforts are most effective and calculate the exact ROI for every campaign.


Average cost per lead (Q1 2018)


ROI on Facebook ads


Low ROI From Ad Strategy

Although the company had tried running online advertisements on Facebook in the past, they weren’t having success with their advertising budget and strategy. One goal they had was to revisit their PPC efforts, this time through Google ads.


After a few weeks of testing between both Facebook and Google AdWords, we determined Facebook yielded a higher ROI.

Nu implemented Facebook PPC ads in two forms: retargeting ads designed to re-attract previous site visitors, and regular Facebook ads targeted to the company’s ideal audience. Using keyword research and catered targeting, the ROI from Facebook ads was 2,648% in March 2018, and ads created through Google AdWords had a 1,382% ROI.


on Facebook ads


on Google PPC ads


Increase in
PPC lead conversion


Improve SEO Rankings

In order to get found more easily online, a major goal of the company was to increase their SEO rankings, but that was not possible with their existing 5-website setup. Each site was serving as its own competition and was not considered valuable enough by Google to gain rankings on the SERP (search engine results page).


We combined the 5 separate sites into one cohesive, Google-friendly site and implemented a blog post and landing page strategy.

In addition to creating a single website combining the information of the 5 separate sites, we optimized each page to demonstrate their relevance to searches. We also created multiple SEO landing pages designed to target specific keywords, cities, and states in order to improve rankings by location.

Our strategy also includes a blog containing topics related directly to Imperial Point as well as topics the targeted audience would find valuable such as sports-related news commentary, coaching tips, and more. These blog posts contain long tail keywords designed to boost site traffic.

45 Keywords in
Top 10 Rankings

Nationally (Q1 2018)


From July 2017 to March 2018, Imperial Point has achieved considerable growth with a full inbound marketing approach.

Increased Leads by


Year Over Year

In the first quarter of 2018

Lead Generation
Goal Surpassed By


In the first quarter of 2018

Average CPL was


of Traffic into Leads

At the End of 2017 Based
on their Marketing Expenses
converted into customers.

Achieved Average



On their Facebook and Google Ads




To keep up with the increase in leads

Increase of


in Overall Web Traffic

Year Over Year


Before partnering with Nu, Imperial Point’s marketing strategy wasn’t helping them meet their goals. They were understandably jaded and hesitant to adopt inbound marketing strategies, but in less than a year we’ve worked together to help the company meet and exceed their goals for success.

With an inbound marketing approach, Imperial Point has seen a large boost in leads and revenue, developed greater brand awareness across the country, and increased their visibility on search engines and other digital platforms.

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